Syagrus-romanzoffiana, Queen Palm

Syagrus-romanzoffiana, Queen Palm is one of the most widely used palms where I live in central Florida zone 9A, even though they are rated for zone 10A through 11. I haven't noticed any damage from the recent winter 2009 freeze. This palm grows to 40 feet on a smooth single trunk with widely spaced rings, topped off with a canopy of a dozen or more 10 to 15 feet long feather shaped fronds. They are fast growing, making them even more desirable for home gardeners who don't want to wait many years for a mature tree. I planted my first about 7 1/2 or 8 years ago when it was only 3 feet tall. Today it's a 20 foot tree with a large trunk and still growing. This palm originated in Brazil and Argentina. It's moderately salt and drought tolerant and has no major pests

Syagrus-romanzoffiana, Queen Palm, Cocos plumosa

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