Personal Tropical Gardens

Our own private personal tropical gardens are, like in any personal garden, a way for us to connect with nature. They are often our sanctuary away from the difficulties of every day life. Some us hire a professional to create a manicured, landscaped garden for us to show off to our friends and family, while most of us create our own perfect, private environment to please only ourselves. Our personal garden can be anything from a couple of common house plants on the deck, to several acres of rare and exotic tropical plants surrounding our home.

My personal garden falls into the latter category except I only wish I had several acres. In reality I have a typical medium sized city lot that I've made the most of. Every inch is covered with plants and pathways from which to enjoy the samplings of exotic tropical plants. I typically go for the unusual, rather than the ordinary when it comes to purchasing plants. I love to discover plants that I've never seen before. My garden is therefore a mishmash of plants that I've collected over the years through trades, gifts, and purchases. As hobbies go, plant collecting and gardening is probably one of the more healthy ones. We get to enjoy an abundance of beauty while also getting some exercise. Win/Win!

Photos of My Personal Garden

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