Tropical Flowering Plants

Tropical flowering plants produce some of the most beautiful blooms in the world. They come in nearly every color and shade imaginable. I even know of one tropical plant with a black bloom. It's name is Tacca chantrieri, with the perfect common name Bat Plant that has a bloom that very much resembles a bat. I found this intriguing tropical flower at an unlikely place, the garden department of one of the local big box stores. They only had the one, so I grabbed it because I remembered this rare plant from my days of volunteering at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately I failed to bring it inside during one of our rare overnight freezes and I lost it. If I'm ever fortunate enough to find another, I promise I'll take better care of it.

The number of tropical plants with beautiful blooms is large and always growing as new ones are being discovered and developed. Below is a list of some of the more common flowering plants that originated in the tropics. Click on each link for more information, including photos. New information is being added on an on-going basis, so be sure to stop back often.

alpinia zerumbet, ginger

Alpinia (Ginger)

Purchase alpinia zerumbet, ginger
brugmansia, angel trumpet

Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet)

canna, canna lily

Canna (Canna Lily)

Canna  (Canna Lily)
clerodendrum, pagoda plant, pagoda flower

Clerodendrum (Pagoda Plant, Glory Bower)

dietes vegeta, african iris

Dietes vegeta (African Iris)



hippeastrum, amaryllis

Hippeastrum (Amaryllis, Barbados Lily)

hymenocallis, spider lily

Hymenocallis (Spider Lily)

odontonema strictum, firespike, fire spike

Odontonema strictum (Firespike)


Pentas lanceolata

plumeria, frangipani

Plumeria (Frangipani)

tacca chantrieri, bat flower

Tacca chantrieri, T. integrifolia (Bat Plant, Devil Flower, Cat's Whiskers)

tibouchina, glower bush

Tibouchina (Glory Bush, Princess Flower)

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