Bambusa lako (Timor Black Bamboo)

Bambusa lako (formerly known as Gigantochloa sp 'Timor Black'), common name: Timor Black Bamboo, is one of the most beautiful bamboo specimens due to its culms that emerge green, then mature to bright shiny black (often mistaken for Gigantochloa atroviolacea which has a matt finish). The occasional vertical stripes of green and yellow add to the magnificence of this extraordinary plant. It's a slightly open clumper.

Maximum height: 70 ft.

Maximum culm diameter: 4"

Minimum temperature: 26° F

Minimum USDA hardiness zone 9B

Originally from the Indonesian island of Timor. The new shoots are edible. This is a "must have" specimen, however, I must admit, I could not keep mine alive, possibly because I'm in zone 9A and not 9B and higher. It struggled to get established for 3 years as I babied it, just to have it gradually diminish and vanish. I think I'd do it all again, even considering I paid more for this one than any other bamboo.

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