Bambusa textilis Mutabilis

(Emerald Bamboo)

Bambusa textilis Mutabilis,  Emerald Bamboo

Bambusa textilis Mutabilis, common name: Emerald Bamboo, (formerly classified as Bambusa mutabilis)

Maximum height: 40 ft.

Maximum culm diameter: 2"

Minimum temperature: 18°F

Minimum USDA hardiness zone 8B

A cultivar of Bambusa textilis, this beautiful, classically Asian looking bamboo prefers full sun. It grows erect, is tight clumping with small leaves, dense graceful foliage and thin walled culms. The new culms have a light covering of waxy powder including a powder ring below the node. This is an outstanding ornamental bamboo native to China's Hainan Island. It will be a wonderful addition to any garden.

Bambusa textilis Mutabilis,  Emerald Bamboo

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