Tropical Fruit Trees

Tropical Fruit Trees are one of the great pleasures of living in Florida. Anyone with just a small amount of space can grow oranges or grapefruit right in their own back yard. Someone more ambitious, with a larger plot of land, can experiment with many other tree grown fruit. Here in central Florida I have pink grapefruit, navel orange, key lime, avocado, papaya, mango and banana trees. The grapefruit are plentiful from a tree that was planted before I bought the property. This year I collected 8 navel oranges from my approximately 7 year old tree, and next year I'm hoping for a dozen or more. The bounty should increase each year as the tree becomes more mature. The key limes are doing well and I've eaten my own home grown bananas, but the mango and avocado trees are still growing. They were an experiment when I started them from seed. The avocado tree is at least fifteen feet tall now, but the mango still has a long way to go. I'm hoping for an avocado or three this year. The papayas tend to grow the fastest. I didn't plant them. They were volunteers that were apparently in the many truck loads of mulch I brought in a few years back. They have produced delicious fruit, but I have to get to them before the raccoons. Those little bandits are a real menace in a fruit garden. Every day I find hollowed grapefruit shells with the tasty fruit missing. Thankfully there's enough for all of us.

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